The Institute for Triple Helix Innovation is a cross-disciplinary, cross-sector research, collaboration and innovation organization aiming to improve innovation through evidence-based, cross-sector activities in order to generate new ideas, discoveries and products that provide long-term economic an social benefits.
The primary goal of the Institute is to identify and promote successful applications of the Triple Helix Model by serving as a center for collaboration technologies; a champion of flexible organizational structures; and an arbiter of best practices required to foster this model.


Institute Objectives 

Organic mechanisms for collaboration
Applied empiricism for commercialization
Networked access to cross-cutting expertise
Faster and more transparent technology transfer
Collaborations for economic and social benefit
Evidence-based product development
New regional networks with cultural alliances
Exportable methodologies for innovation
Translation of empirical knowledge into marketable products



The goals of the Institute are organized within a social enterprise typology under three broad business portfolios: Research, Collaboration and Innovation.

Research Services
Collaboration Services Innovation Services