Sensor Community of Practice to Blend Knowledge and Promote Sensor Innovation

The institute for Triple Helix Innovation is launching a Community of Practice (CoP) for multi-disciplinary professionals and scientists who work with diverse sensor technologies. This CoP provides a forum for cross-cutting discovery, partnership and collaboration amongst academia, industry and government subject matter experts. The CoP is being developed and coordinated by the Institute for Triple Helix Innovation in collaboration with the U.S. Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC). The CoP participants will benefit from emergent collaborative methodologies, best practices and tools developed by the Institute.

A CoP pre-launch meeting was held in November 2008 at the Manoa Innovation Center in Honolulu, Hawaii to define the Sensor CoP focus and discuss potential session topics for the CoP. This meeting provided the opportunity for some of the core members of the group to meet face-to-face prior to the start of the online CoP sessions. Sensor CoP members attending this meeting included Michael O’Neill, PhD, the CTO, Cellular Bioengineering, Inc.; Andrea Yuen, CEO, Kai Sensors, Thomas Hasling, PhD , Senior Scientist, Oceanit; Leigh W. Jerome, PhD, CEO, the Institute for Triple Helix Innovation; Kevin Chinn, Senior Research Scientist, Cellular Bioengineering; Victor Lubecke, PhD, CTO, Kai Sensors; Bernice Bowers, Dir Global Initiatives, the Institute for Triple Helix Innovation; and, John Hustleby, Research Scientist, the Institute for triple Helix Innovation and CoP Coordinator.

The Sensor CoP offers six 1-hour online knowledge clusters facilitated by CoP members. The group will address topics of interest such as commercialization, marketing opportunities, data management challenges and cross-sector partnering. The value of CoP’s for participants is found in the creation of new knowledge flows, partnerships and the blended knowledge that new perspectives yield. CoP often branch out to form new CoPs and serendipitous innovation.

The first session will be held on January 22nd, and membership in the Sensor CoP is open to appropriate members with an interest in the application of sensor technologies, especially in the life sciences. If you are interested in learning more about the Sensor CoP go to and sign up for an account to the Sensor CoP group space on Please mention. After you click ‘sign- up’, you will receive email notification that your 3Helix membership has been activated as well as additional information about access the CoP group space.