The Best Innovations of 2008

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It is that time again when we review the past twelve months before entering a brand new year with new opportunities. I have been looking through the nominations for the Best Innovations for 2008, presented to us from various magazines and other authorities


Business Week's Best Innovation Books of 2008:


The American Scientist's top 10 Innovations of 2008:

  1. Low Cost Sequencing
  2. Continuous Focus Microscopy
  3. Custom Zinc Finger Platform
  4. Open Source Sequencing
  5. Cell Cycle Imaging in Vivo
  6. PET/MRI Combined Imaging
  7. Multispectral Signaling + X-ray
  8. White Laser Confocal Instrument
  9. Optical Lock in Detection (OLID)-FRET
  10. Mix and Match Microfluidi


Time Magazine's top 5 of their top 50 Inventions of 2008:

  1. The Retail DNA Test: DNA test kits to map your genetic health dispositions. 
  2. The Tesla Roadster: an very handsom electric convertable, and one of the objects I desire :)
  3. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter: Space ship to map and research the surface of the moon.
  4. watch Movies and TV shows for free streaming online.
  5. The Large Hadron Collider: the world's biggest particle accellerator.