Florida Sugar Production Presents Opportunity for Triple Helix Collaboration


Negotiations underway between sugar-producing company Florida Crystals and the Florida government represent a trilateral effort to preserve the Everglades without losing local jobs. 

Florida Crystals owns 35,000 acres of land in Florida where the Florida government wants to recreate the natural water flow from nearby Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades. 

Yet, neither party wants a simple acquisition.  In return for their specific path of land, Florida Crystals would like to develop other acres that the government had acquired with greener methods of sugar refining. 

Florida Crystals is focused extensively on environmentally friendly productions And have  increased the efficiency of their biomass power plant with new technologies. These efforts have lead to a recent teaming of experts at the University of Florida to research the conversion of  cellulose into liquid ethanol.  The trilateral model allows the leveraging of  each sector’s expertise to produce outcomes with evidence-based economic and social value.  

Plans have not yet been finalized, so only time will tell what will come of this potential collaborative effort.


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