Research Matters – A Knowledge Translation Toolkit

Knowledge Translation is the knitting together of science and policy. By connecting the purity of science with the pragmatism of policy, the intangibles of trust, rapport and even friendship are able to be more potent than logic and more compelling than evidence. An intensely social process, Knowledge Translation depends upon relationships. With no golden formula for decision-making – where every policy weighs up all the evidence and arrives at the best, most rational solution – Knowledge Translation relies upon vibrant partnerships, collaborations and, above all, personal contact between researchers and research-users. Knowledge Translation a "Research Matters" (RM) Toolkit has been developed and launched as part of the Global Ministerial Forum on Research for Health in Bamako, Mali. It is a resource for researchers and policy-makers, intended to bridge the "Know-Do" gap. This toolkit focuses on Knowledge Translation (KT), a process of linking research with action in an ongoing, two-way dialogue. It emerges from Research Matters (RM), a collaboration of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). In this Toolkit, the RM team explores both ideas and practical steps associated with the effective exchange and translation of sound and innovative research among a wide range of research users, "inviting you to try them out, share them, comment, and join with us in helping to achieve our shared goals of health and social equity."

To download the complete toolkit: