Academia • Industry • Government

The aim of the Institute for Triple Helix Innovation is to harness and leverage the complementary expertise of academia, industry and government to facilitate new systems for innovation and novel collaborative processes for creative development.

By serving as a center for collaboration technologies, a champion for flexible organizational structures, and an arbiter of triple helix best practices, the Institute endeavors to foster international, interdisciplinary collaborations amongst the public and private sectors and develop new methodologies for achieving economic and social benefit.

Promoting Public-Private Knowledge Management in Africa

African science researchers and policy advisers have agreed to set up a foundation, endorsed by a range of African-based banks, to promote the use of scientific and other forms of knowledge by both public and private decision-makers in the continent. The body, to be known as the Knowledge Management Africa (KMA) Foundation, will be under the auspices of the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Handbook for Designing and Executing Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

The term “public–private partnership” describes a range of possible relationships among public and private entities in the context of infrastructure and other services. Effective PPPs recognize that the public and the private sectors each have certain advantages, relative to the other, in performing specific tasks. The structure of the partnership should be designed to allocate risks to the partners who are best able to manage those risks and thus minimize costs while improving performance.