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Big doesn't work in a market economy

The US economy is in a real mess. Most of us trusted that the regulations in place since the Great Depression and the run on banks would protect us from another such period of economic decline.  Now, it seems there is a chance for yet another catastrophe on that scale.  Triple helix collaboration is needed to solve and prevent problems such as these.  We cannot have capitalism without limiting the size and influence of organizations.  Input from industry, academia and government can help find a balance between size and democracy.

The Emerging Transformative Power of the Blog

It is difficult to imagine the world without blogs. This popular type of communications technology has become quite a cultural and political force. Although I am a fairly new blogger, from my observations thus far I sense that blogging is evidence of a definite shift from an age of carefully controlled information provided by sanctioned authorities, to an unprecedented opportunity for individual expression on a worldwide scale -- an expression that can be transforming, on both individual and global levels. It is possible now to engage with minds all around the world and to build active communities of discussion centered around an interest, question, or concern.