Academia • Industry • Government

The aim of the Institute for Triple Helix Innovation is to harness and leverage the complementary expertise of academia, industry and government to facilitate new systems for innovation and novel collaborative processes for creative development.

By serving as a center for collaboration technologies, a champion for flexible organizational structures, and an arbiter of triple helix best practices, the Institute endeavors to foster international, interdisciplinary collaborations amongst the public and private sectors and develop new methodologies for achieving economic and social benefit.

New Effort to Tap Technology to Aid the Service Economy

Need for innovation in the service sector led to the creation of the Service Research and Innovation Initiative by a group of large technology companies, universities and professional associations. This new organization will support and promote research to find ways that technology can increase productivity and innovation in the service sector.

Social Enterprise Typology Breaks Down Traditional Boundaries Between Nonprofit and Private Sectors

We are entering a new era of social enterprises. Virtue Ventures currently defines a social enterprise as "any business venture created for a social purpose--mitigating/reducing a social problem or a market failure--and to generate social value while operating with the financial discipline, innovation and determination of a private sector business".