Academia • Industry • Government

The aim of the Institute for Triple Helix Innovation is to harness and leverage the complementary expertise of academia, industry and government to facilitate new systems for innovation and novel collaborative processes for creative development.

By serving as a center for collaboration technologies, a champion for flexible organizational structures, and an arbiter of triple helix best practices, the Institute endeavors to foster international, interdisciplinary collaborations amongst the public and private sectors and develop new methodologies for achieving economic and social benefit.

Business Social Networking: Public and Private – There is a Place for Both

Collaboration, discovery, knowledge sharing, collective success, communication, fun and individual recognition are what social networking is all about. Whether for profit or not, private social networks can give an organization a distinct competitive advantage in both bad and good economic times.

Research Matters – A Knowledge Translation Toolkit

Knowledge Translation is the knitting together of science and policy. By connecting the purity of science with the pragmatism of policy, the intangibles of trust, rapport and even friendship are able to be more potent than logic and more compelling than evidence. An intensely social process, Knowledge Translation depends upon relationships.