The Institute Welcomes Dr. Victoria Garshnek, Ph.D. as Standards Initiative Research Manager

Dr. Victoria Garshnek has joined the Institute’s team to research and develop triple helix standards for innovation.  A key component of successful collaboration, and thus innovation, is trust. Accountability through established standards is one way to foment trust, especially among partners from different sectors, disciplines and cultures.

Dr. Garshnek will contribute greatly to the Institute’s endeavor to codify best practices and create standards associated with trilateral endeavors and supporting methodologies and platforms. She brings with her comprehensive experience as researcher and director within government and academia.  She served at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute in Florida as Aerospace Physiologist, aligning with the focus of her doctoral degree. 

At NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C. she worked to develop terrestrial applications of NASA technology (which included telemedicine and disaster management) and the Ames Research Center in California as a Principal Scientist for Advanced Planning of Shuttle Biological Payloads. 

She also researched satellite technology at the George Washington University Center for International Science and Technology Policy to use for disaster relief, telemedicine, and medical humanitarian assistance. 

Her involvement with telemedicine research and development continued at Pacific E-Health Innovation Center, where she was Research Director, and at the John A. Burns School of Medicine at University of Hawaii, where she still holds an Adjunct Professorship. 

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