Creative Disruption - Innovation during the Great Disruption

Difficult economic times suggest that 2009 should be a tough year for innovation. Scott Anthony forecasts a slowing of innovation as economic woes increase, in a January, 2009 Forbes article. Consumers and corporations are likely to continue to tighten their collective belts, raising the innovation bar substantially. Markets and managers are likely to brutally punish activities that look like distractions. The good news is that many of today's biggest companies were formed during recessions, like General Electric, IBM, Kraft, McDonald's, Walt Disney, and Electronic Arts. Further, it has never been easier to develop and scale an idea. Finally, academic and applied research and development over the past two decades has removed some of the perceived randomness around innovation, allowing companies to confidently approach innovation in a much more disciplined way. This article discusses niche opportunities for innovators in the “Great Disruption” who are able to master perpetual transformation.

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