Standards Development for Social Networks & Social Networking

Social networks are essential to innovation and innovation systems. Networks and the linkages they represent impact innovative activities. The concept of social networks is not new, however, evolving developments in information and communication technologies have accelerated the influence, utilization, functionality and scope of social networking.

A comprehensive search of the literature and national and international standards has conclusively determined that standards have not been established for social networks and social networking. Therefore, the Institute is undertaking a comprehensive, open, consensus-driven process to produce American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for social networks and social networking.

The Institute has initiated this effort with an application for Certification as an ANSI Standards Developing Organization (SDO). In partial fulfillment of ANSI’s requirements, the documents that were submitted as part of the SDO Certification application are posted below.

Standards Development Manual
ANSI SDO Certification Application
Standard Creation Operating Procedures

The Institute welcomes your comments concerning these documents. Please visit our Contact page to send your questions or comments about this standards creation effort to the Institute.