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Unexpected Trend Indicators and Innovative use of Google Search Data

Earlier this year I learned of some early-warning indicators for economical resess that I had not previously thought of. One was a dramatic increase in the sale of vegetable seeds, caused by people making space in their garden for growing vegetables when their private economy is starting to get strained. Another indicator for economic recess is the increase of customers and the decrease of donated goods for organizations like The Salvation Army stores and Goodwill.

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Using open standards to increase innovation

Innovation is the act of introducing something new, a new idea or method, into a system where it has not previously been applied. So in order to innovate there has to be ways for new information to be shared across systems. Progress in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has revolutionized communication and collaboration by allowing us to access anything, at anytime, from anywhere. But just as much as ICT facilitates spanning systems, time, and distance, it has also been used to create barriers like “information silos” and “walled gardens”.