Business Social Networking: Public and Private – There is a Place for Both

Collaboration, discovery, knowledge sharing, collective success, communication, fun and individual recognition are what social networking is all about. Whether for profit or not, private social networks can give an organization a distinct competitive advantage in both bad and good economic times. Len Rosen writes about how a well designed business social networking site can put together all of the communication tools and technology created to manage projects and teams, share wisdom from the executive office to the shop floor and back, leverage previously unknown talent, and ultimately through virtual space understand collectively what’s really happening in and around an organization. In this CMS Wire article, Rosen discusses some of the benefits for public and private organizations: 1. Return on Investment.; 2. Unlocked Information Silos; 3. Improved Teamwork; 4. Increased Customer Engagement; and, 5. Better Employee Morale.

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