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The aim of the Institute for Triple Helix Innovation is to harness and leverage the complementary expertise of academia, industry and government to facilitate new systems for innovation and novel collaborative processes for creative development.

By serving as a center for collaboration technologies, a champion for flexible organizational structures, and an arbiter of triple helix best practices, the Institute endeavors to foster international, interdisciplinary collaborations amongst the public and private sectors and develop new methodologies for achieving economic and social benefit.

What Becomes of Innovation During Recession?

A January 16, 2009 Forbes article forecasts a slowing of innovation as economic woes increase. The economic squeeze means 2009 will be a tough year for innovation. According to Scott Anthony, there are good reasons to expect 2009 to be a tough year for innovation. Consumers and corporations are likely to continue to tighten their collective belts, raising the innovation bar substantially.

Collaboration Drives Business Innovation

David Bicknell provides a special report about the importance of collaboration in a tightening economic environment. In (17 Dec 2008) collaboration is described as the next phase of the Internet, and a $34 billion market opportunity. Collaboration is becoming a competitive necessity – it is no longer "nice to have".