'An Inconvenient Truth' Transforms Producer's Life

The winners on stage at the Academy Awards feel all sorts of things. Producer Lawrence Bender (pictured above) felt the BlackBerry in the hip pocket of his tuxedo buzzing nonstop with e-mails.

By the time he checked his computer - at 6 a.m. Monday after a night of Oscar partying - he had 260 messages congratulating him on his win this week for "An Inconvenient Truth," the documentary that chronicles Al Gore's efforts to raise awareness about global warming.

There were e-mails from members of Congress, the folks at MySpace sent along their regards, so did so the bigwigs at Yahoo. Even Wal-Mart's environmental guru dashed off a note filled with words warm enough to melt what's left of the Arctic Circle.

"It was like every single one of my friends was up there on the stage with me," Bender said.

In Hollywood, there's entertainment and then there are celebrity causes. Rarely do they come together as they did on Oscar night, when a harmonic convergence of purpose and performance transformed Gore into the glitterati's folk hero. And the clincher: The ceremony was declared "green," as in environmentally correct. (Just ask the celebs who were dabbing their tears with organic tissues after the show.)

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