2008 Triple Helix Summit

"The DNA of Collaborative Innovation: Collaborative Models for Innovation & Global Health"

When: February 2-4, 2008
Where: Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA


The Summit has been organized as a co-active platform where leading representatives from industry, government and academia are able to reach across traditional networks to exchange data, emergent technologies and outcomes to create new trilateral knowledge flows. Within this dynamic venue, participants will build an integrated matrix of innovation that identifies and promotes cross-cutting knowledge as well as new products and markets. Summit participation is limited to provide exclusive access to talent and information. Evidence-based tools, models, methodologies and strategies related to collaboration and innovation will be presented. Opportunities will be arranged to encourage new projects and public-private research and development partnerships.


For more information about the Triple Helix Summit or to inquire about Summit participation or sponsorship, please send an email to summit@triplehelixinstitute.org.


The program agenda is available here.

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• Co-organized between The Institute for Triple Helix Innovation and World Health Organization •