United Kingdom’s government sponsors project challenge that brings about cross-sector collaboration

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense encourages collaboration between industry and academia through its Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenge is a competition that directly addresses the problems that the Ministry of Defense is currently facing. The UK government provides a center, a goal, and, for some groups, funding to harness the collaborative power of industry and academia. 

The 2008 winner of the ‘National Talent’ trophy is The Thales Team (T3) which is comprised of groups from several universities and businesses in the UK. They designed and built two Unmanned Air and two Unmanned Ground Vehicles to easily and accurately report the position of incoming threats. T3 said that they wanted to show that, through collaboration, even complex problems can have refined solutions. 

CEO of Thales UK, one of the companies involved in this team, Alex Dorrian said, “the project was more than just an engineering challenge, it was about working creatively, using the skills of not only Thales but also universities . . . such activities that encourage innovation and stimulate interest . . . “


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